UB Gram who we are

For 30 years UB Gram works as consultant for companies with need for optimization in sales and high pressure to change. UB Gram is an independently thinking head with complementary competences in development of businesses. The ability to pull the most effective levers of customers is constantly further developed.

UB Gram usually works irrespective of the industry, although during the last years the focus was on technological businesses of the security sector. UB Gram localizes and solves problems, achieves, develops and supports companies that are convinced to have more potential than they deliver up to date.

UB consults his customers in business strategic, commercial and organizational tasks.  The main consulting focus lies in development and realization of sales, marketing and PR strategies.

If requested UB Gram takes on the personal supervision of key accounts or the representation in associations and committees for his customers. 

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UB Gram – who and how we consult

We are partners for ambitioned, middle-class entrepreneurs that want to deliver the power and the people working in their companies to the optimum: Quick, safe, successful, measurable. That’s what UB Gram stands for as a competent and experienced consultant.

Sometimes UB Gram operates as expert, sometimes as instigator, if required even as sparring partner. During this process we keep things that are working well – simultaneously we distinguish stalling factors. It is here where we help to solve problems and accelerate again.

We always meet our customers with the highest respect. This includes for us that one can always count on our integrity, trustworthiness and honesty. We set a high value on empathy as pre-condition for a respectful cooperation. Our collaboration is based on a culture of open communication. We say what we think, and do what we say.

Enthusiasm is our impulse for our daily work and motivates us to think outside the box. Together with our customers we always strive for the best solution: Mediocrity and concepts off the shelf do not satisfy us. With ambition and joy in work UB Gram develops solutions that are perfectly adjusted to specific customer problems.

UB Gram basically feels responsible to generate measurable success for his customers. We aim to establish our customers future oriented and to sustainably raise their competitive ability. We always do this using their resources responsibly and are always held accountable to the thought of efficiency. We offer solutions that we are convinced of generating real additional benefit and are reasonable within a cost-value ratio.

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UB Gram – individual and variable fee structure

UB Gram offers his customers a flexible and transparent fee and cost structure. No matter if project based or set for long-term consulting activity – depending on need and requirement, besides hourly wages, all-inclusive prices and profit-related special payments can be arranged.